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Poster Artist

2019 - Rianna Turner - Mobile, Ala. - “Hooked on Jubilee”

The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce and Jubilee Festival of Arts Committee are proud to recognize Rianna Turner as the featured poster artist for the 31st Annual Jubilee Festival of Arts.

This year’s artwork is a mixed media interpretation of a fly-fishing lure created mostly with a palette knife. This eye-catching piece blends warm neutrals and bright neon colors.

“I grew up on the Gulf Coast, so water and fishing are just part of life. A few years ago, I began to paint the whimsical colorful lures that I grew up seeing and then expanded into fly fishing lures, which aren't quite as common here,” said Turner. “No offense to local fishers, my husband is one, but style wise, bold vibrant feathery flies are kind of "one uppers"! They are art all on their own. I especially love the added interest that's created by making this fly uncharacteristically huge.”

The bright colors are what originally caught the festival chairman’s eye. “The way each inanimate fly or lure is drawn and then painted seems to come to life!” said Festival Chairman Meghan Battles.

Turner says she does tend to gravitate toward playful colors. “These color combinations tend to reflect the way I live and see life; light, bright, adventurous, optimistic and sometimes surprising,” said Turner.

Rianna Turner is married to Steven Turner and they have three children; Ellyana, Luke and Landry. They live in Mobile, Alabama.