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NEW THIS YEAR, the Jubilee Festival of Arts has added the Jubilee Market. We are celebrating the art of making, whether it’s procuring delicious honey and sustaining bees, making and canning jellies, baking yummy treats or growing great produce. If you’d like more information about being a vendor in the Jubilee Market, call the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce at 251-928-6387 or email Liz Thomson at lroberts@eschamber.com.


Jubilee Market Vendors

Mad Dawg’s BBQ Sauce                                      
Guncles Gluten Free                                              
Eli’s Sweet Treats                                  
Tony’s Tejas Salsa                                  
Hornsby Farms
Molly’s Munchies
Gringo Sauce Gourmet Salsa
Play House Spices
Divine Empanadas
Dropout Hippie
Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Gachi Tea
MadWhit Treats
Paint the Town Bread
Chicken & Sweets Southern Yard Bird