Helen Bell Doyle 2 web.jpg

Poster Artist

2018 - Helen Doyle - Daphne, Ala.

The Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce and Jubilee Festival of Arts Committee are proud to recognize Helen Doyle as the featured poster artist for the 30th Anniversary.

This year’s artwork uses bright colors and bold strokes to depict a jubilee, the natural phenomenon in Mobile Bay where fish swarm to the shallow shorelines. For Doyle, it brings back memories of her childhood. “It’s the thing I grew up with; a plastic laundry basket picking up crabs, picking up flounder, and this is what I saw every time I saw a jubilee. This is Daphne,” said Doyle.

Helen Doyle was born and raised on the Eastern Shore. She developed a passion for art early in life, sparked by her grandparents. “We’re a family of artists. Art was always something very important,” said Doyle.

Most of her work is inspired by the place she calls home. You’ll find sunsets, seafood and the shore. Her favorite canvas is glass, using old windows and ornaments to showcase her paintings. In doing so, she’s developed a unique talent of painting her scenes backward.

She’s extremely excited to represent this year’s Jubilee Festival of Arts. “To be able to represent the Eastern Shore, to be able to paint something that represents the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay is an absolute honor,” said Doyle.

You can find Doyle’s artwork at coastal art shows, Christmas ‘Round the Corner in Fairhope and online at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HelenDoyleDesigns.